I am Sushma, founder and author of luminous lane. I live in India.

I started luminous lane to share  insights, to seek  insights and to sustain our souls.

A glimpse Into My Life:

Everyone has got an inner nature and each soul has a voice. As I realized internal quest as my inner nature, I heard my soul’s insightful voice! In this journey, I am forever a seeker, forever a student.

 As I looked at life as nothing, I experienced the moments of  ananda, abundance and blissfulness.

I see the world as a place where every human experiment, venturing on different ways. All of us long for Love, joy, peace, kindness.... Though the paths we choose are different, our yearnings and feelings are the same.

Life looks beautiful with all shades of joy, sorrow, negativity, love and blessings…

My Inner Journey: Dreams

Many parables- stories I am posting here are dream reports- turned- parables.

In my late teens, I was diagnosed with depression. I was anxious, depressed, fearful, shy and aloof. To top it all, I sucked academically, flunking badly in Science. My visits to doctors and professionals in the hope to cure depression went in vain. My mind was cluttered with inner conflicts about myself, others and the world.

During those days of utter self criticism, a part of me started to introspect. It wished to come up and struggled to set things alright. But I was a victim and I fell back again and again into the familiar trap of hopelessness. Meanwhile, some of the different, nearly weird experiences dazed me…  I experienced dreams that appeared like a message from spiritual messenger, a divine soul. But at 16 I was too naïve to make out the meaning out of them and got startled. But, unknowingly all messages were sinking in... I became less depressed, less anxious, and less fearful and my mental state got to a level that could be termed as ‘at times, moody!’

Such dreams persisted for years. As an initial response to dreams, I began to find answers outside of me. I asked experts in the area of dreams, participated in the forums to make out the meaning and started a blog posting dream reports. But as I walked ahead in life, I knew, if I have to seek, I should be seeking within myself.

For many years, I thought, ‘dreams broadened my horizon…’ I was separate from my dreams. Only later I realized, 'I am my dream!' With time, my 'dream venture' ceased to be the 'dream venture'. The stories and contents of my dreams became part of my conscious life… Life became insightful.

My book:

Though I didn’t have clarity about dreams, I knew inside it was something of worth. I noted them down and published as a book titled, Payana Sagidante (As the journey progresses) in my native language, kannada. The book bagged 2 awards and made me feel like it mattered to somebody.

My academic life

During my healing trips, I got interested in psychology. I was an academic failure at that point. Naturally I had doubts about my capabilities. Hence, I pursued it the hard way.

And after a few years, I had 2 post graduate degrees in psychology, a post graduate diploma in psychotherapy and a diploma in journalism. I exceeded in the post graduation (M.Sc, Psychology) with 1st rank, won several awards, cracked a national entrance examination (which is considered a tough job), published research papers and participated in international conferences.

Just my wish to go ahead with what I really wanted, despite many things holding me back, made a huge difference in my academic life and career.

And the journey begins…

Internal growth happens throughout the life. Every second we have to nurture our spirits, and keep going and growing. Whatever nourishes my soul, I believe sharing it is my pleasure, beloved duty, responsibility and I do it through Luminous Lane.

Let us polish our spirits, nurture our souls and rise together with love.. :)

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